Making Progress … But Losing Tomatoes

Much to my surprise and delight my garden is coming along great!

Except for the tomatoes. They’re not doing so hot. In fact they’re dying. There … I said it.

I’ve lost two plants so far and two more are looking quite peaked. I started my little garden with four robust-looking specimens I was very excited about. One was called a “gold medal” and another “Japanese Black.”

I wanted to see what those look like! 

Alas they died the first week.

Minor setback,” I said and replaced them. I also got three more from a friend’s mom. So now I’ve got seven plants altogether and they’re all in varied states of what looks like a slow, wilting, trudge toward certain, shrunken, grimy, death.

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. They get at least eight hours of sunlight a day and I water my garden extremely well!

I chalked the first, and even second, fruit’s demise up to my roommate’s extremely annoying, untrained dog, which I let Twitter name Mr. Darcy (another story) and his proclivity to urinate all over my tomatoes.

But now it’s undeniable. I’m the Ted Bundy of tomato growers. My plants are dropping like flies and it’s all my doing.


In other news this basil’s doing very well and the photo above is of my very healthy-looking arugula.

To be fair, arugula kind of grows like a weed and basil’s a hardy plant as well but hey – I’m chalking it up as a win.

In addition to that my wild flowers are coming up nicely and the cucumbers are coming up at a steady pace as well.

I’ve also got carrots, which are going to look pretty ugly because of my rocky garden bed but I don’t really care – I think my garden looks awesome!

But seriously, if you have any tips to save my tomatoes we’d all be very grateful …


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