Tomorrow, I Plant

Today was spent preparing my garden.

I mowed down impertinent weeds springing up in the dormant bed, rototilled the shit out of the poor excuse for soil and bought seeds from a very cross-eyed Home Depot associate in an orange smock.

So far, I’ve spent about $17 on seeds – 14 packages in all – and that’s the entirety of my investment is this year’s project.

But alas, tomorrow I will have to spend more since I will need a considerable amount of gardening soil to add to the bed before I plant.

Not cheap, planting soils costs at least $6.50 per 15 lb. bag. But as luck would have it my roommate and landlord offered to reimburse me. He said since I’m spending the time and effort to reclaim his yard he’d pay for the soil.


The space I have to work with isn’t large, it’s about 25 ft. long and 7 ft. wide. But planting seeds an average of 4 inches apart I plan to plant half in assorted vegetables and the rest in sweet corn.

I also bought some wildflowers because the picture looked pretty and I thought, “Hell, I’m growing stuff – might as well grow some pretty things…”

The first photo is what it looked like before tilling and here’s what it looked like after.

Still a long way to go.

These photos don’t show you the thumb-sized rocks littering the bed, which are thrown diagonally from the rototiller blades into my shins, but they’re there. From what I can tell from my digging it looks as if past homeowners have used this spot as their burn area and/or rock pile.

Not optimal.

While tilling I found old wire coat hangers, pieces of concrete and an old baby-doll shoe. I’m going to have to rake and collect the largest of  before I lay fresh soil and plant.

I should’a just ordered cable and watched the NBA finals.


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