Taste of the Harvest photos and a story update

There have been a lack of posts of late. My goal was to get one a day this month for the entire month, but last week was a busy week in Wenatchee business and financial news and that took up most of my time.

So the blog has been barren.

But I wanted to post this slide show from this weekend’s Taste of the Harvest festival in downtown Wenatchee.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It took place on Sept. 18 and was organized by the Wenatchee Downtown Association. They closed Wenatchee Avenue from 1st Street to Yakima Street and the farmers market step up shop on the street. There was a battle of the bands, a beer and wine garden, 5 and 10K river runs, tractors, farmers, classic cars and the “improv chef” cook-off contest – which I helped judge.

I’m putting together a little video of the contest to post tomorrow but I thought I’d put up some photos I snapped while walking around speaking with vendors and patrons.

On other fronts – next week I plan to speak with Congressman Doc Hastings as well as a spokesperson from the USDA about farm subsidies and Ag business. I’m also going to go visit the folks over at Stemilt to talk about their operation, their business model and how it’s helped them become one of the world’s leading fruit exporters.


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