North Central Washington road trip

Last week I went up to Winthrop, Wash. and visited Crown S Ranch to check out their 180-acre farm and meat production facility.

They raise cattle, pigs and chickens and are one of only three or four facilities in the state that have WSDA poultry processing certification – they can butcher their own chickens and sell them right off the farm.

The ranch is owned and operated by Louis Sukovaty and his wife Jennifer Argraves. Sukovaty was born and raised on the farm and both he and his wife are engineers. They used to live and work in Seattle but they said when they decided to start a family they didn’t want to raise kids in the city. So they moved back to the family farm and put their engineering backgrounds to work. They’re big on the marriage between technology and traditional animal husbandry.

I’ll have a video up tomorrow that will go deeper into that but I wanted to post a slide show today because I stopped at fruit stands along the way and got some photos that help illustrate just how abundant local food is in Central Washington.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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