Eating my way through central Washington. A slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ve been eating local all weekend. And it turns out that apart from snacking, fast food and chain restaurants – finding sustenance in a region as fertile as central Washington is pretty simple.

You can find fresh produce, fruit and roots on the side of pretty much any road from Okanagan to Goldendale.

I even found fresh produce at a church! The congregation of Resurrection parish in Zillah, Wa. brings anything extra from their farms and gardens and put it on a table for anyone and everyone. It’s called the St. Joesph’s share table.

And since I’ve started eating only local foods that’s what I’ve been noticing: eating local is about community.

From the farmer’s markets to the fruit stands – eating local is an excuse for people to gather, mingle and talk. They bring howling babies and barking dogs, flicking melons and inspecting produce – they sniff for freshness and gossip and laugh and talk.

Simply put: It’s a wonderful experience. So I thought I’d post a few pictures of my epicureal journey.

Enjoy! I’ll post links to businesses and more later.


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