From a Big Mac to greens in 24

Last night I had a Bic Mac, fries and a Coke.

Tonight I’m eating organic pasture-raised beef, organic micro greens from Spencer Fruit Organics in Wenatchee topped with goat cheese from The Good Shepherds’ Farm on Squilchuck Road and local grape tomatoes that pop like grenades of flavor between my teeth.

While shopping at the Farmhouse Table Produce on Mission St. today, they told me that I would notice a flavor difference as soon as I began eating local. I didn’t think much of it.

Until now.

The corn – oh, the corn …

It’s from Mike’s Meats & Farmer’s Market and he gets it from a farmer in Quincy, Wa. It is hands down some of the best corn on the cob I’ve ever eaten. And I know corn. I’m from the Yakima Valley and when I was a kid, when corn was in season, we ate it every day. But the best part is that it was three for $1.

I’m going back for more tomorrow.

And, lest I forget, there were also Washington-grown potatoes and a little Walla Walla sweet onion thrown in for good measure.

The most expensive portions were, of course, the meat (Beef patties X4: $8.71) and cheese (shredded goat cheese: $5.75 for 4 oz.). The greens were also a bit spendy ($3 for 3 oz.). But I attribute that to the fact that all of those things were certified organic, which from my limited organic shopping experience (one afternoon), means it’s more expensive.

That said, I could taste the quality of the beef. And being raised on a dairy – I’m a connoisseur of the bovine. It was lean and had superb flavor. When it comes to meat, what you feed the animal determines quality and the pasture really paid off for these patties.

And to top it all off? An ice cold Busch Light. That’s right.

When I said I’m eating local that’s literally what I meant. If I went without coffee and beer for a month I just wouldn’t be a very fun experience for anyone. So for Wenatchee’s sake – foreign liquids receive a dispensation.

That’s not cheating, right?


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